Water Plants Cultivation I-866

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<Product Features>
  • Applied to moss, crystalwort and other front-set water plant cultivation.
  • Unique-designed platform allow water plant to grow flourishing and let it be well-attached.
  • Twin-layer: Bottom layer can be placed with gravel and soil, which allow cultivation to sink naturally down to the tank. Moss and crystalwort can be planted on the upper layer.
  • The cultivation can be placed into various layouts based on its special shape design, which makes your aquascaping more than natural ever!
  1. Open the flat cover of bottom layer and place with gravel or soil. Cover it back tightly.
  2. Open the curve cover of upper layer and place with moss or crystalwort evenly. Cover it back tightly.
  3. Layouts: To make the cultivations in straight-line shape, put them into opposite directions one after another. To make it as curve shape, simply place the cultivations into same directions, the curve will show up! They could also be placed as S Shapes.

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