Green Desert Aquarium was founded on 25th April 2015 and since then grown to be a market leader in the aquarium industry. 


We specialize in Fresh Water Fish, Plants, Shrimps, Show Grade Betta, Marine Fish & Corals.
We are authorized retailers for Dennerle, Aqualighter, Chichiros & CZ Aqua Products.


We are dealers for Reeflowers Products, Hikkari Foods, Red Sea Products, JBL Products, ADA Products, API Products, Ocean Free Products, Ocean Nutrition Products, Dymax Products, Ista Products, Ehiem Products, Fauna Marin Products, Flipper Products, Hobby Products, Juwel Aquariums, Jecod, New Life Spectrum Products, Maxpect Products, Polyp Lab Products and Seachem Products.


Green Desert Aquarium Trading LLC is your one stop shop for all your aquarium needs.


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