ISTA - Captain America Regulator

Sale priceDhs. 200.00


  • Air tighten design. Easy assembling, no tool required in fastening to the CO2 cylinder.
  • Most percise processing of the control needle valve to assure most reliable and accurate CO2 dosing.
  • Pressure reduced design to provide most stable and reliable pressure out put.
<How to use>
  • Fasten the CO2 out let of the pressure regulator to a complete closed position then fasten the pressure regulator to the CO2 cylinder firmly by hand.
  • Turn and release the on/off valve of the CO2 cylinder until pressure gauge activate.
<How to release from the CO2 cylinder>
  • Turn to close the on/off valve of the CO2 cylinder completely. Next turn to release all the remaining CO2 inside the pressure regulator completely (until the pressure gauge show 0 pressure). Then simply loose the pressure regulator from the CO2 cylinder.

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