API - Triple Sulfa Powder

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API Triple Sulfa™ Powder contains three sulfa medications to effectively treat bacterial infections such as hemorrhagic septicemia (blood streaks in fins and body and localized swelling), bacterial gill disease, fin & tail rot, cotton mouth disease, body slime and eye cloud for both fresh and saltwater fish.  This medication will not harm the biological filter and will not color aquarium water.

This medication can be combined with other mild broad spectrum parasite/fungal treatments to boost effectiveness.  It can also be combined with neomycin or nitrofurazone for stubborn infections.  

Directions for Use (Packets): For best results, remove activated carbon or filter cartridge from filter and continue aerations. For each 10 gallons (38 L) of water, empty one packet directly into aquarium. Repeat dose after 24 hours. Wait another 24 hours then change 25% of the aquarium water. Repeat this treatment for a second time, for a total of 4 doses. Then make a final 25% water change and add fresh activated carbon or replace filter cartridge. Treatment may be repeated if necessary

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