Trace Colors B- Potassium+ 500ml

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Reef Trace Colors divides these elements into four groups (A, B, C, and D), which are related to the biological functions they perform and are also associated with the production of color-specific pigments in the soft tissue of corals.

These pigments can be produced only if the specific elements needed for the biochemistry process are available at the correct concentration.

All hard corals require all these 31 elements, regardless of the actual color of the coral show.

Reef colors have been formulated in such a way that the relationship between the elements in each supplement is the same as that found in the skeleton and soft tissues of corals.

Research has identified a constant relationship between each of reef colors supplements and total calcium intake, which is proportional to coral growth and metabolic activity.

This provides a simple and safe method in the measurement of replacement of these elements, based on a calcium absorption.

A - halogens (I 2 , Br, F 2 ).

B - Potassium and Boron .

C - Faith and 7 Complementary Metals .

D - 18 Bioactive Trace Trace Elements .

I'm sorry,

Coral Colors A, B, C and D should only be dosed according to the requirement of aquarium measurements.

500ml packs

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