Thick Builder Scale & Tail - 100 G

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SUMA Thick Buider Scale & Tail

-         Food  improves the structure of betta fish

-         Building a thick and strong tail scaly bone.

👉 It is a high quality food. Containing essential nutrients with deep fish fillets is the main part that contains omega, vitamins, calcium, minerals that are essential to strengthen the tail, scales, dorsal, strong, beautiful, thick, no falling stalks, which is the cornerstone of the development of the species. Excellent betta fish


👉Suma Thick Builder Scale & Tail also contains a high content of plant vitamins. Thus making the fish healthy Suitable for young fish to breeders - breeders


💥 Difference SUMA uses raw materials from the sea. Supplemented with complete nutrients They also supplement vitamins F, E, which are the needs of beautiful betta fish. Thus making the fish healthy .

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