Thera+ A Small Fish 120G

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  • 0.5mm sinking pellet
  • non-medicated, anti parasitic
  • suitable for freshwater and saltwater

Thera + A (Non-Medicated, Anti-Parasitic) is a balanced diet packed with garlic (containing allicin compounds) and especially suited to feeding during periods of stress such as: quarantine of new fish; during disease recovery; and for fry before and after netting and movement. Garlic helps to optimize the immune system and protect against parasites. Thera + A is not a medication, and disease treatments should continue to be used as appropriate.

Key Features:

  • Easy to digest nutrients from whole krill & algae
  • High nutrition density, great for newly acquired fish & brood stock
  • Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color

Recommended for:

  • For all types of freshwater & marine species including omnivores, herbivores and carnivores

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