DENNERLE - Sulawesi Salt 200 G

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The Shrimp King Sulawesi Salt GH+/KH+ from Dennerle is specially developed for hardening the water in the shrimp tank to create perfect conditions for successfully breeding and keeping Sulawesi shrimp - just like the cardinal shrimp Caridina dennerli.
By using Sulawesi Salt, the water values of osmosis water, rainwater or fully demineralised water are adjusted to the perfect conditions for the shrimp in no time at all. Total hardness and carbon hardness as well as a slightly alkaline pH value of 7.8 - 8.5 are adjusted to exactly the right level, which are similar to the natural habitat conditions of the shrimp in the lakes of the Indonesian island Sulawesi.

Sulawesi Salt GH+/KH+ is enriched with all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins that shrimp need during growth. This results in healthy, vital and colourful animals with a good reproduction rate. In addition, the salt also promotes plant growth as well as the microbial activity of beneficial filtering bacteria.

  • Contains an essential vitamin B complex
  • A well-balanced calcium-magnesium ratio promotes problem-free moulting
  • Increases the total and carbonate hardness of the water
  • Achieves slightly alkaline water values with a pH value of about 7.8 - 8.5
  • Creates ideal conditions for Sulawesi shrimps
  • For best possible plant growth and increased filter bacterial performance
  • Promotes the formation of surface biofilms as a valuable food for especially young shrimps
  • Easy dosage thanks to included measuring spoon

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