DYMAX - Slim Flow Sf -120

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The super popular Dymax HOB Filter from Asia has now hit the Australian market!  

Dymax Slim Flo Hang Filter is an external hang-on-the-back filter designed to be clipped on any side of the aquarium and popular with many nano tanks (especially nano planted tanks). It is a slim profile filter that comes with an output of either 120lph, 240 Lph and 480 Lph. In addition, the filter pads are much thicker, creating maximum efficiency in filtration. It  comes with a black top cover and smoke-gray transparent colored body to give your aquarium that sleek look.

When comparing it to many other conventional aquarium filters, the Dymax Slim Flo Hang Filter series does not take up a lot of space. Besides the cascading effect, it provides a high level of aerobic filtration. It also increases oxygen levels for fish, corals, plants and other living things in the aquarium. Dymax Slim Flo filter uses an extendable intake pipe to get stainer, nearer to the bottom of the aquarium. So it also has an adjustable flow control knob for reducing filtration during feeding time.


  • Slim and compact design.
  • Silent operation.
  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Replacement of the filter cartridge is done with ease.
  • Filter intake pipe is adjustable.

If you have a smaller rimless tank and want to go with something that doesn't obstruct your beautiful aquascape, this is it!   

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