Shrimp's Antioxidant 250ml

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ReeFlowers Shrimp's Antioxidant is used to prevent shrimp species from being damaged by the water added to aquariums and to purify the water from toxic substances such as chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, cyanide, copper.

It reduces the stress caused by the environment change and helps adaptation. It can be used for fresh water and salt water types. It does not harm fish, plants, reef creatures, beneficial bacteria colonies and beneficial micro-organisms and does not cause a change in pH level.


For an aquarium with an average density, it is recommended to add 3 ml per 100 liters weekly.

For water changes, adding 10 ml to 100 liters of tap water is sufficient. It is not recommended to use tap water in saltwater aquariums. It is sufficient to use 2 ml for 100 lt of water prepared with R / O or drinking water.

In emergency situations such as any harmful substance mixing into the water, it can be added up to 20 ml per 100 lt per day.

20 drops in 85 ml pack = 1 ml in a
250 ml pack 1 cap = 6 ml

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