DENNERLE - Shrimp King Active Soil

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With the Shrimp King Active Soil, you can create a professional foundation in your Nano Cube. This soil is 100% natural raw material. Made from various, carefully selected, natural soils, it provides vital minerals and trace minerals that help the health and growth of shrimp. Shrimp King Active Soil was specially developed for the successful husbandry and breeding of shrimp. It is particularly suitable for all species that love soft, slightly acidic water, especially bee shrimp, such as the popular Crystal Red, Red Bee, Tiger Bees or Shadow Shrimp. It deliberately changes the water into a slightly acidic and soft area, as most animals and plants in their habitat know it. As a natural ion exchanger, it lowers the pH and stabilises it slightly acidic range (about 6.0-6.5). At the same time, it reduces the carbonate hardness - depending on the starting water to approx. 0-2 ° dKH - making the water significantly softer. It also serves as a natural source of valuable humic and fulvic acids without colouring the water.
Therefore, the Soil is especially suitable for shrimp aquariums. Made from 100% natural resources, the Soil is made from a variety of carefully selected natural soils that provide all the vital minerals and trace elements that shrimp and aquarium plants need. The irregularly shaped grains with a diameter of 1-4 mm make the soil look particularly natural and supply it optimally with oxygen, which prevents fouling and locates important microorganisms that are needed for baby shrimp development. The loose structure allows optimal soil perfusion, which is why plant roots can grow in it well. Shrimp King Active Soil provides the perfect base for healthy and powerful plant growth with intense colours - even mosses benefit from it and show it through compact growth and lush green leaves. The deep black colour creates an intense, vibrant contrast to the bright green of the plants.
In spite of the soft water, Shrimp King Active Soil can also be safely used in combination with a CO2 system, as the pH is stabilized by the soil. The porous surface also provides cleaning bacteria with an ideal surface, so that the whole ground becomes a huge bio-filter, which has enormous self-cleaning power. At the same time, the soil binds numerous pollutants. Using Shrimp King BeeSalt with osmosis water even extends the life of Shrimp King Active Soil!

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