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During the first setup in aquariums, overfeeding, long-term power outages, unnoticed fish deaths, etc. Caused ammonia can cause serious problems or even death in fish and other aquarium creatures.  ReeFlowers RemAmmonia”Quickly removes ammonia formed in aquariums. It is also used in water changes and after drug treatment to clean the water, to facilitate the adaptation of the creature to the aquarium when adding a new living thing, to reduce the risk of stress and to delay water degradation during the transportation of living things. Besides ammonia, it also removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals. Thanks to the removal of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite formation decreases and water quality increases. It can be used in all freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums and saltwater aquariums. It does not harm fish, plants, reef creatures, beneficial bacteria colonies and beneficial microorganisms. It is not toxic.

Usage Instruction 

In new aquarium setups, add 2 ml every day for five days for 100 liters of aquarium water, then add 2 ml weekly for 100 liters of aquarium water (20 drops = ~ 1 ml).
When any harmful substance is mixed with water, long-term power cuts, ammonia explosion for any reason, etc. In case of emergency, up to 10 ml per 100 lt can be added per day.
Add 3 ml of ReeFlowers RemAmmonia per 100 liters of water every day for 1 week after the drug treatments, and 1 ml of ReeFlowers RemAmmonia for 10 liters of aquarium water for live transport.


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