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 ReeFlowers RemAlgae provides removal of unwanted algae and control of algae growth in freshwater and saltwater fish aquariums, planted aquariums, reef aquariums. It does not contain copper and heavy metal derivatives. It is a high-tech algae remover that removes algae problems and prevents recurrence without harming fish and plants.

It is very effective on all types of algae including green and brown algae, gives results in a short time and the effect continues for a long time. It cleans the water that has been discolored due to excessive algae formation and makes it clear and increases the water quality.


In order to eliminate the algae problem in freshwater and saltwater fish aquariums, add 2.5 ml per 100 lt to a flowing area once in 3 days until the problem is solved. Dosage should not be over the recommended amount.

The nitrogen cycle can be damaged while combating the algae problem. Make sure that the filter and ventilation equipment is open so that the ammonia, which is produced as a result of the decay of the living creatures and the decay of algae, does not harm the living things. In order to compensate for the damage caused by the nitrogen cycle, it is recommended to use ReeFlowers Detox - Zeolite or ReeFlowers Biofarm Z-Stones in the media reactor, external filter or filter bag provided with the product before adding ReeFlowers RemAlgae.

It is recommended to do physical cleaning before using ReeFlowers RemAlgae in aquariums with advanced algae growth, and to use ReeFlowers RemAmmonia or ReeFlowers ZP4 ANTIOXIDANT POWDER 1 hour after adding RemAlgae in aquariums with high live load.

Shrimp, crab, coral, anemone, sensitive fish species etc. For environments where living things are present, the normal dosage should be reduced by half.

20 drops in 85 ml
packs = 1 ml in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packs 1 cap = 6 in
3000 ml packs 1 cap = 30 ml

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