REEFLOWERS - Alkaline-Easy Balling 1

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ReeFlowers Alkaline is a highly effective base and carbonate hardening (kH) enhancing solution. It is necessary for the skeletal formation of corals, oysters and similar creatures.

In an aquarium, weak acids formed by oxygen respiration and decomposition of organic substances consume the degree of alkalinity. The kH solution helps to increase pH stability by increasing the alkalinity in the aquarium.


The consumption rate of kH is different in each aquarium. Before using the product, determine the kH value in the aquarium with a suitable test kit. Then add 100 ml of the solution at a time not exceeding 10 ml until it reaches the appropriate level. 10 ml solution provides 1 minH increase in 100 lt. After reaching the desired levels, periodical tests are carried out to determine the amount of consumption, daily or weekly solution is added. If the daily consumption is more than 0.5 minH, it is recommended to add by spreading the day with the dosing pump.

Dosage :

1 cap = 6 ml

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