R2 Target Fish Feeder

Sale priceDhs. 100.00


The R2 is a pre-assembled 16” target feeder and comes with an extension for a total length of 23 inches.


  • Pressing the button pushes the chamber out of the barrel. Load the chamber with frozen, flake or pelleted foods.
  • Releasing the button retracts the chamber into the feeding tube.
  • Position the tip of the tube at the mouth of a cave or shelf, anywhere your fish feel safe.
  • Press the button to open the chamber and release the food.


  • You can open the chamber partway so only a little food is exposed or all the way depending on the fish behavior.
  • The retractable chamber prevents water currents from washing away dry flakes, crumbles and pellets as the wand is lowered into position.
  • Even frozen brine shrimp and other meaty foods can be target fed.

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