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Beaphar Active Foam is a revolutionary product, using the latest probiotic* technology to combat stains and odours around the home and soft furnishings caused by pets.
Beaphar Active Foam effectively removes stains and odours caused by most organic materials, including urine, faeces, blood and vomit. The added probiotics break down organic matter and leaves a residual layer to help protect carpet against future spills. As a result, leaving carpets, soft furnishings and other surfaces fresh and clean, which has a positive effect on the microbiome of the environment.

*What is probiotic?
- ‘Probiotic” is a user-friendly term for beneficial bacteria.
- If organic material needs to be removed, there will be bacterial strains around that will do the job.
- Organic material produced by animals will be degraded if the right microbes have been added to a product (or a product range)
- The outcome is a clean and odourless environment with a residue of protective beneficial bacteria that will rerun the process again.
- Probiotics can be put in a range of cleaning products that can be applied directly upon the pet and on it’s surroundings.

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