DENNERLE - Micranthemum Spec. 'Montecarlo' In-Vitro

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    A new and promising foreground plant is Micranthemum tweediei. In contrast to the well-known M. umbrosum, this plant does not grow upright, but as a poster crawling on the ground. Therefore this novelty is a very good alternative to Hemianthus callitrichoides with clearly better growth characteristics. The new Pearlwort is especially suitable for aquascaping and for Nano Cubes.


    Genus: Micranthemum
    Species: tweediei
    Family: Scrophulariaceae
    Origin: South America
    Light: high - medium
    Temperature: 20-26°C
    Growth rate: moderate
    Area: Foreground
    Height: 3-5 cm
    pH: 5-7
    Water hardness: very soft to medium
    Co2: 20-30 mg/l
    Propagation: division

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