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Complementary feed for birds. Oropharma Opti-Breed is a well-balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, Florastimul® and L-carnitine. This dietary supplement is administrated for good growth, optimal skeletal formation, good egg shell formation and perfect skin and feather structure. Opti-Breed supports general health and productivity and contains all the components your birds need for a good development. Adding Opti-Breed to your own eggfood blends ensures optimal breeding and growth. Florastimul® is a prebiotic, feed for good bacteria in the intestines. It supports the quality of the intestinal flora and ensures a good digestion. L-carnitine supports the growth of the chicks. L-carnitine also supports fat combustion, which results in greater availability of energy for physical exertion.

Directions for use:

2 level measures (= 8 g) of Opti-Breed per 100 g of Orlux eggfood. 
  • During the preparation for the breeding season (3 to 4 weeks before the first egg is laid) 
    and during the breeding period (from hatching): add daily to the eggfood. 
  • Outside the breeding season: 2 days a week in the eggfood.
Calcium carbonate      
 Sodium chloride      
 Amino acids      
 Trace elements  

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