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Ocean Nutrition’s Atison Betta Pro is highly regarded among Betta splendens keepers. In the aquatic food business of today, aquarists are spoiled for choice. Out of the multitude of generic feeds, many have been specially tailored for specific fauna, and the Betta Pro is one of them.


Pure brine shrimp embryos | wheat flour | vitamins (stabilized ascorbic acid, vitamin E supplement, niacin | thiamine mononitrate | folic acid | calcium pantothenate | riboflavin | menadione sodium bisulfate complex | Vitamin A acetate | pyridoxine HCL | Vitamin B12 supplement | Vitamin D3 supplement, biotin) and preservatives (calcium propionate, ethoxyquin).

Guaranteed analysis

Protein 39.9% | Fiber 4.4% | Fat 8.6% | Ash 7.6% | Moisture 7.7%

Ocean Nutrition developed the Atison Betta Pro with established Thai Betta breeder, Atison Phumchoosri, who owns 2 betta farms in Thailand that sends 20,000 bettas into the market on a weekly basis. Betta Pro was developed with his knowledge on what a betta needs in its diet to be healthy and successful when breeding or at a show.

The Betta Pro was developed to be a total replacement for live food and is primarily made out of bine shrimp embryos instead of normal fish feed. Bettas are sometimes fussy eaters and the closer the commercial feed is to live feed, the better. The use of bine shrimp embryos will have a better acceptance rate of the Betta Pro as a commercial feed, among bettas.

Bettas are carnivorous and a high protein diet is important for their good health. The Betta Pro guarantees a protein level of 39.9%.

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