Nutramar Ogo Gracilaria 25oz

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Nutramar Ogo is a freeze-dried Gracilaria algae, which when soaked in aquarium water rehydrates to approximately 10 times its dry weight. After full rehydration, Nutramar Ogo looks as it does in the wild and fish will accept it just as eagerly. Nutramar Ogo is a high quality solution for feeding marine herbivores and omnivores a natural diet filled with amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, unsaturated fatty acids, and a variety of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Gracilaria is perhaps the finest algae for feeding fishes. After being fed with Gracilaria, fish have been shown to become healthier, more colorful, and more active. Difficult to feed Tangs, Angelfishes, and Butterflyfishes are easier to keep and begin to thrive when Gracilaria becomes a major portion of their diet.

Nutramar Ogo finally solves the issue with the seasonal availability of Gracilaria algae. Nutramar Ogo is far superior to other less nutritious algae substitutes and raw lettuce or spinach. The reliable availability and long shelf life of Nutramar Ogo ensures that your fish never have to go without this fantastic algae diet.

Nutramar Ogo is cultured, freeze-dried and packaged in the USA. Excellent quality control throughout the culturing process guarantees optimal composition and the elimination of pathogens and contamination concerns associated with imported foods.

Nutramar Ogo comes in 1/4 oz. resealable packages, and rehydrates to 2 oz of edible product after soaking in aquarium water for 15-30 minutes.

Ingredients: Gracilaria sp. algae (freeze-dried).Packaging: Resealable stand up plastic pouch.

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