NEarth X Parasite Minus 100mL

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XPARASITESMINUS is for the treatment and of Ick (Ich), Velvet and external parasites in both saltwater and freshwater fishes.

XParasiteMinus can also be applied to reduce stress on newly bought fishes or before introducing into a new environment where parasites are not available. (Apply half the recommended dosage)*

Effectively removes: - Ick (Ich) - Velvet - External parasites.


1. Use 2ml of XPARASITESMINUS for every 5 Litres of water. Repeat every seven days when necessary.

2. Do not exceed FOUR cycles (28 days) for each treatment. In the event where parasites are not cleared fter treatment, leave fishes in quarantine tank for at least THREE days before repeating.

Do not add carbon or any chemical filtration during this period.


For use in quarantine aquariums or fish only aquariums. NOT suitable for corals or invertebrates. When quarantine tank is not available, use a tub or bucket, providing filtration system and proper oxygen level.

*XPARASITESMINUS is NOT SAFE for invertebrates and corals.

Storage: Store in room temperature.

Suitable for Freshwater and Saltwater fishes.

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