DENNERLE - Nano Scaper'S Tank 55L

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Your fish and all other residents should feel as comfortable as possible in an aquarium because this is where they spend their entire lives.

With the Dennerle Nano Scaper´s Tank Basic you can let your imagination run free because with this panorama aquarium you can scape like the professionals! The 55-litre complete set includes all the technology you need for perfect operation: a cover panel, a foam pad, the nano corner filter XL including filter extension, and the Nano Style LED L, so you are well equipped to handle even difficult plants and shrimps successfully! Thanks to the low height, every angle is perfectly illuminated.

You can scape this Nanocube to your heart's content because thanks to the large floor space you have a lot of space for it and your little crawlers can build a top-class paradise! The aquarium is also ideal for breeding and keeping invertebrates such as dwarf shrimp and dwarf crayfish. The rounded corners give the glass basin an elegant touch and are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. Thanks to the Power LED you also give your light-hungry plants an extra boost, which will thank you with wonderful growth and beautiful colours!

Dimensions (W x D x H): 45 x 36 x 34 cm

Our expert Chris Lukhaup recommends:

With the Nano Scaper´s Tank Basic you have a great basis to make your dream of an incredible aquascape possible!

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