Nano Marine 63L

Sale priceDhs. 700.00


  • Specifically for Marine Setup
  • Removable Nano-protein skimmer for superior water quality
  • Smart back filter system features a specifically designed surface skimmer to remove organic surface film to improve oxygen exchange and light penetration
  • Removable filter media cartridges in back filter for ease of maintenance
  • Durable glass with increased scratch resistance
  • Super bright Marine extendable LED light 26.16watt, 14000k (4 x 3watt) + 12000k (4 x 1.5watt) + OF LED (4 x 1.5watt) + Actinic Blue (9 x 0.24watt)
  • Dual light modes that recreate daytime and moonlight conditions of nature
  • Low energy consumption
  • Size: 44x36x40cm
  • 520 L/hr Filter pump
  • Glass lid included (not shown in photos)

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