Mineral Junkie Bites 50g

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GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Bites are small pellet-formed mineral suppliers, which serve as beneficial supplementary feed for shrimp, crustaceans and snails.
Shrimp and crabs are enclosed by an exoskeleton that is mainly composed of minerals. For proper growth of snail shells minerals are indispensable, too. The extra addition of minerals is crucial for these water animals because they cannot produce them their selves.
A lack of minerals leads to reduced growth, moulting damage and increased mortality in juvenile shrimp as well as shell deformations in snails. Feeding Mineral Junkie Bites prevents these effects and, in addition, cares for precious colours in shrimp. Colour pigments are coupled to muscle skeins which depend on minerals, too.
The contained vegetarian ingredients as well as the extra portion of herbal extracts care for vivid, healthy animals. The aquarium water's pollution through GlasGarten Mineral Junkie Bites is minimal due to the low protein and fat proportion. The supplementary feed may, therefore, even be used as weekend feed without hesitation.


  • Mineral-feed with extra herbs
  • Prevents damage of exoskeleton and moulting
  • Cares for bright colours of shrimp
  • Minimizes pitting corrosion in snail shells
  • Very low water pollution due to marginal protein and fat proportion
  • Suitable for weekend feed


Add Mineral Junkie Bites to the tank every 2 - 3 days only. The amount should be adjusted, so that the aquarium's inhabitants are able to finish the portion within few hours.


  • Mineral substances
  • Plant by-products
  • Cereal
  • Herbal extracts

Analytical components

  • Raw protein (4.04%)
  • Crude fat (0.62%)
  • Crude fibre (0.68%)
  • Crude ash (27.08%)


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