DENNERLE - Mineral Fluids Double 100 Ml

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Your fish and all other residents should feel as comfortable as possible in an aquarium because this is where they spend their entire lives. Good water values are therefore crucial for good health. If these are not correct, the animals can become ill and possibly even die. In order to achieve good water quality, it is necessary to regularly reprocess the water in the aquarium. Especially when refurbishing, but also when changing partial water, it is, therefore, necessary to prepare the tap water to suit the fish.

With the Dennerle Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double, you can treat osmosis water, rainwater and fully demineralised water quickly and appropriately, but also supplement minerals in a targeted manner. The highly concentrated mineral solution was specially developed for the keeping and breeding of shrimps from soft water biotopes, such as bumblebee and bee shrimp, or their breeding forms. Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double creates a water with higher total hardness, but without carbonate hardness, like soft water shrimp are used to from their natural locations. It gives an ideal, slightly acidic pH of approx. 6.0-6.9 (depending on the source water, substrate, stones and roots.) With Shrimp King Mineral Fluid Double you supply your shrimp with all essential minerals, trace elements (incl Iodine and fluorine) and vitamins, which they need for healthy, balanced growth, rich colours and reproduction. At the same time, it promotes multi-mineral solution the performance of the filter bacteria and supports plant growth.
The advantage over powdered salts: The fluid is easier to dose, quicker to mix and therefore easier to use. Ideal for quick partial water changes!

1 drop in 1 litre of water increases the total hardness by approx. 1 ° dGH and the conductivity by approx. 40 microsiemens.

100 ml are sufficient for approx. 2,000 hardness litres or 300 litres of osmosis water when hardened to 5-6 ° d GH.

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