MicroBacter Dry Rock Bacteria Starter Kit

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  • Contains QuikCycl (60ml) MicroBacterStart XLM (125ml) and MicroBacter Clean (500ml) for any beginner or expert hobbyist to start a new aquarium set-up; treats a 100-gal tank for up to 7 weeks.
  • QuikCycl gives professional nutrients to your aquarium for fishless cycling.
  • MicroBacterStart XLM is a professional strength live tank starter nitrifying bioculture for rapidly cycling new marine aquariums set-ups in 5-7 days.
  • MicroBacter Clean designed to target and clean surfaces of live rock coral decorations and tank walls.
  • Made in the USA.
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  • Imported from UK.

This kit contains Quikcycl MicroBacter Start XLM and MicroBacter
Clean You will use them in that order Please read each label This
kit contains live bacteria Do not use other bacteria
simultaneously It is recommended that you do not use live sand or
dry artificial rock that has been seeded with bacteria There are
no dry bacteria that are beneficial to cycling and they will
interfere with the bacteria in this kit Other bacteria products
may interfere also This kit is primarily designed to be used with
dry aragonite or artificial unseeded live rock or Marco rock
Plain sand will work better than so called “live sand ” which may
have been seeded with species not conducive (and maybe even
destructive) to cycling Real live rock from the ocean or even
already cycled live rock from a store or another aquarium is OK
to use These should assist the cycle What you will need Besides
this kit you will also need a good dechlorinator such as
Brightwell Erase-Cl and a good set of test kits for ammonia
nitrite and nitrate Do not attempt cycling without test kits Do
not introduce any live animals until cycling is complete


To quickly cycle new aquarium without fish: On Day 1: a) Turn off
skimmer, UV & remove fine filtration such as socks, make sure
aquarium has sufficient filtration media surface area, such as
provided by Brightwell Xport world class bacterial filtration
medium. If you use Xport, only use MicroBacter Start XLM to seed
it. b) You must use a good dechlorinator first (not included),
such as Brightwell Erase-Cl to remove chloramine and chlorine.
Chlorine will kill bacteria and tank won’t cycle c) Prepare water
and adjust pH, alkalinity, and temperature d) Add half dose of
QuikCycl nutrients at 2 drops per gallon or 1 ml per 10 gallons
of tank capacity e) Measure Ammonia which should be about 1 ppm
ammonia. If that is the reading, then add the other half dose to
get 2 ppm. Do not add more than twice the full dose, no matter
what your test kit reads. Also bacteria will quickly begin to use
up the ammonia, and even though added, it may not show up on your
tests. f) Add MicroBacter Start XLM as directed on its bottle (30
ml per 25 gallons). On Day 2 & 3: Measure pH, Ammonia and Nitrite
and record values. On Day 4, 5 & 6: Measure pH, Ammonia and
Nitrite. If either Ammonia or Nitrite are over .25 ppm, then you
can add more MicroBacter Start XLM bacteria, if desired. On Day
7: Measure pH, Ammonia and Nitrite. If and only if, your Ammonia
and Nitrite show zero, then measure Nitrate. If Nitrate is
showing .25 ppm or higher, then your aquarium is cycled. If using
any other bacteria, live sand or seeded rock, your cycle will
likely be prolonged significantly (by weeks or longer usually),
then go to Day 8. On Day 8: If tank, for any reason, has not
cycled, then continue to cycle. Measure pH, Ammonia and Nitrite.
Record values. On Day 9 and subsequent days until cycled: Measure
pH, Ammonia and Nitrite. If and only if Ammonia + Nitrite value
is zero, then measure nitrate and if there is a reading of
Nitrate at .25 ppm or higher, then the aquarium is cycled. At
conclusion of cycling, perform a 25% water change and slowly
begin adding hardy animals. One at a time, is best. Slowly
restart UV, skimmer & filtration. Use the dosage for “normal
cleaning” for a minimum of 6 weeks. 3 to 6 months is better.
Contents of Kit: 1 each bottle of: MicroBacter QuikCycl 60 ml,
MicroBacter Start XLM 125 ml, MicroBacter Clean 500 ml. Kit will
treat up to a 100 gallon aquarium for up to 7 weeks. To extend
the treatment you will need to purchase more MicroBacter Clean.

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