Microbacter Cwm 250mL

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 Formulated specifically for temperate (“cold water”) marine aquaria.

• Dual-phase microbial and enzymatic blend which establishes and maintains biological

   filtration, enhances the rate of nitrification and denitrification, and reduces amount of

   latent dissolved- and particulate-organic material in all temperate marine aquaria down

   to a temperature of 40°F (~4°C).

• Benefits to temperate marine aquaria are: Rapid reduction of organic carbon, ammonia,

   nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate; Digestion of uneaten/undigested food, excreta, detritus,

   and other latent organic material, resulting in cleaner and healthier aquarium substrate

   (without having to physically clean or disturb the substrate bed); Reduction of organic

   compounds into nutrients that encourage the growth of photosynthetic organisms (e.g.

   zooxanthellae, macro-/microalgae); Greatly-reduced hydrogen sulfide production; Increase

   in dissolved oxygen concentration; Decreased availability of existing phosphate to undesirable

   forms of algae and cyanobacteria; Increased water clarity.

• Supplied in a state of suspended animation for maximum longevity.

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