CHIHIROS - Led C201 (20cm)

Sale priceDhs. 135.00


With the Series C lamp Chihiros also has the fitting lighting solution for all nano tanks from 10l to 30l. The even distribution of the LEDs ensures a perfect illumination of the tank, while the waterproof design makes these lamps specially durable. It is easily mounted to tanks with a thickness of up to 6 mm with a practical srew mounting. The perfect lighting for every nano tank.

It comes with a manual dimmer, which allows an easy adjustment of light intensity in 7 steps. The different dimming steps are 100% - 90% - 80% - 70% - 60% - 50% - 30% of the light output. This comes in especially handy while starting an aquarium, where the light intensity should be raised slowly and according to the plant growth. When used together with a time switch, the last appointed setup og the dimmer is preserved.


  • A clip light for 20 – 36cm tank
  • Specially designed for nano aquariums
  • Sufficient luminosity for demanding plants
  • Suitable for tanks from 10L to 30L
  • Power consumption : 7W

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