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Dennerle Shrimp King Complete garnalenvoer

Dennerle Shrimp King Complete run-pallets for daily feeding of all freshwater shrimp in the aquarium. This contains all the essential nutrients and opbouwstoffen that shrimp are required for a healthy, well-balanced growth, development of beautiful colors and increase their health.

Sinking, hard run-pallets that are made from 100% natural ingredients for a balanced, biologically sound diet of freshwater shrimp.
Shrimp King Complete contains all the necessary nutrients and minerals that shrimp need daily. The base is formed of high-quality protein and essential amino acids from aquatic animals which provide for a balanced growth. Here are added fiber from leaves of different deciduous trees and bark that help support a good digestive system. Also, there are vitaminse and nutrients from different algae and fruit added for a good metabolism. Beta-glucan from yeast supports the body's defenses against diseases and natural carotenoids to promote the full development of species-specific colors.
The numerous ingredients of the feed pallets to ensure a varied and complete array of nutrients.

Premium quality Made in Germany.content: 45g
Guarantee: Free of artificial coloring and preservatives, contains no fish meal.
Dietary advice:
Daily 1 do-pallet per 20 shrimps. Remove non eaten food after 6 hours.
Dennerle Shrimp King Complete is also ideal as a food for freshwater crayfish, dwarf crayfish (CPO), crabs and snails.

Complete feed for shrimps in fresh water. For daily nutrition for keeping and breeding freshwater shrimp.
Kelp, garnalenmeel, wheat protein, spirulina, nettle, alfalfa, kale, walnut leaves, berkenbladeren, gingko leaves, green-lipped mussel, yeast, chlorella, pumpkin, berkenschors, Lapacho bark, aronia berries, bee pollen, fennel, dandelion, rosemary, spinach, barley, grass

Nutritional value:
35.8% of crude protein, 3.8% of fat, to 8.3% raw fibre, 14,0% crude ash, a 9.7% moisture, to 2.26% calcium, 1,04% sodium, 0,56% phosphorus 0,36% magnesium

Dennerle Shrimp King - Premium garnalenvoer

    • Composition and doseringsvorm for a natural nutrition tailored to the needs of shrimp.
    • Delivers all necessary nutritional and opbouwstoffen, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dietary fiber
    • Exclusive use of meaningful and high-quality ingredients of food quality.
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Guaranteed free of artificial additives such as colorants, antioxidants, preservatives and attractants.
    • Without fishmeal, fish waste and plant by-products as a cheap filler.
    • Each voedingssachet contains numerous ingredients for a varied diet.
    • Shrimp King Garnalenvoeding contains only the ingredients mentioned on the packaging!
    • All the food sink and up to 24 hours stable in the water that no unnecessary pollution caused.
    • Developed and produced in Germany – Premium Garnalenvoer made in Germany
    • Resealable packaging for long lasting freshness
    • For a healthy, well-balanced growth, beautiful colors and multiplication

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