ISTA - Adjustable Hang-On Filter 280L

Sale priceDhs. 120.00


Low Power Consumption Transparent Out-hang Style PC Filter can make up the disadvantage of no adjustment about traditional filter. With water volume button design, you can adjust water volume according to actual situation. The water absorption tube is creative and reasonable to filter dirt without absorbing small fish. With a firmed rotator on the bottom, it break the defect that traditional filter cannot meet different thickness fishbowl. Using together with filter cotton will obtain better effect. The high strength and durable stainless steel imported core is energy-saving and high efficient. The 2-pin US plug is safe and standard, suitable for kinds of socket. You deserve it! Features: 1. Freeze noise to enjoy quiet moment 2. Ultra low power consumption, low radiation to keep ecological balance 3. Excellent filter effect, making sure transparent and clear water 4. Suitable for all kinds of aquariums 5. Energy-saving and environmental-friendly 6. Easy to install ,only fill up water and plug in 7. Water volume adjustment function 8. Flow 120liter per hour, suitable for any aquarium below 12 liter in volume

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