Ich Attack 16 Oz

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Ensure that your fishes are swimming inside an environment that is quite healthy and free from the clutches of parasites, which could give them diseases, by pouring a regular dose of the Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor from Pet Store. This product comes in the form of a solution, which is available in a sixteen-ounce bottle that can last for a couple of weeks. Instead of using harsh chemicals that could affect the stress levels of your pets, this formula treats the liquid with a variety of herbs, which effectively purifies your friends of bacteria and infection that are caused by one-cell organisms.

What makes this herbal medicine work is its successful use of a special ingredient, which is known as naphtoquinones. It makes it possible for the solution to remove the harmful bacteria from the tank`s environment, without harming the bodies of your fish. It is so safe that you can even pour your recommended dosage into the aquarium daily. This formula combats the sickness-carrying organisms quickly, effectively, and subtly, making sure that your marine inhabitants will not be disturbed in the process. It prevents you from installing several devices, which will consume electricity, as well as a lot of time and effort on your part.

You can be sure that your aquarium is free from disease-carrying bacteria and organisms when you have the Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor on hand.

  • Herbal ICH ATTACK
  • 100% Organic

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