Hair & Sludge Removal System

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You don’t have to suffer with ugly hair and sludge in your tank, destroying the beauty of the marine environment you created. Thanks to Ultralife's Hair and Sludge Removal System, you can now remove that problem quickly and safely, without harming your fish, the desirable micro-algae, corals or other reef inhabitants you may have. It is easy to use, for the first-time treatment of the affected aquariums, simply place the required amount of the product into a filter bag, and then place it either in a filter canister or fast-moving part of your filter sump. After 24 hours turn off UV filtering, add the remaining pack ‘A’ material directly into the aquarium. 48 hours later, turn the UV filters back on, and after 2 weeks, clean out the hair and sludge during a 25% water change. Repeat the cleaning and water change every 2 weeks until the aquarium is free of buildup, and then simply remove the cleaner from the canister or sump. Used this way, this generously sized pack will treat 50 gallons of water. For maintenance, simply add to the aquarium in a filter bag as above, wait 24 hours, turn off the UV filter and add pack ‘A'. After 48 hours, turn the UV filter back on. Remove and replace the filter material once a month to maintain a clean, clear aquarium. Used this way, this generously sized pack will treat 200 gallons of water.

Due to the nature of the product, keep out of reach of children.

This product is for Aquarium use only

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