Grade A Brine Shrimp Egg

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Minimum hatch-out of 225,000 nauplii (baby brine shrimp) per gram of cysts following a 24 hour incubation period. Based on the most recent harvest, this equates to a hatch-out of approx. 82%!. Grade A Brine Shrimp Eggs are the most often requested grade of eggs available. Commercial breeders request Grade A Brine Shrimp Eggs because of the higher yield of nauplii per dollar expended. Feel confident purchasing brine shrimp eggs from Brine Shrimp Direct. Eggs have been recently tested, are stored in a temperature-controlled (40 degrees F) warehouse, and packaged on demand. ------ Hatching Brine Shrimp Cysts Instructions and Guidelines can be found at Includes one-gram plastic measuring spoon. One 1.75 oz. jar contains approx. fifty (50) one-gram hatches.

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