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Exotic Nutrition's Glider Booster ensures that the sugar glider is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Feeding a balanced diet is a priority for good health and wellbeing, vitamin supplements can help fill any nutritional voids. Contains probiotics that prevent colonization of pathogenic bacteria. Great for breeding gliders, and also best during times of illness, travel, or other stressful situations. If at least 75% of the glider's diet is made up of Glider Complete (or another Exotic Nutrition pellet diet), supplements are optional, because the pellet diet already contains added vitamins and nutrients.

DOSAGE: Mixing Glider-Cal with Glider Booster will bring optimum results. Sprinkle a pinch of booster on the pet's food daily. Or mix 1 tbsp of Glider-Cal with 1 tbsp of Glider Booster per pound of foo

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