FRESH N' MARINE - BSD Laver 20gm

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New, gently dried organic whole seaweed, including Dulse, Laver and Sea Lettuce. Ideally suited for marine fish and herbivores, including tangs, parrotfish, surgeonfish, angelfish, idols, butterflyfish and wrasses. Stable in water, highly nutritious - An all natural source of vital minerals and vitamins. Try all three in our convenient mixed bag! To feed, simply attach to a lettuce clip. Remove uneaten portion after approximately one hour. Better water stability than Nori Sheets.

Laver (Porphyra umbilicalis) Protein, 28%; Carbohydrate, 45%; Lipid, 4.5%; Fiber, 30%; Vitamins and Minerals (expressed in mg/100g) Calcium, 188; Potassium, 2680; Magnesium, 378; Phosphorous, 408; Iron, 20; Sodium, 1610; Iodine, 1; Manganese, 3.4; Copper, 0.6; Chromium, 0.1; Fluoride, 5.8; Zinc, 4.1; Thiamine, 0.57; Riboflavin, 2.9; Niacin, 5.9; Pyrodoxine, 11.2; Cyanocobalamin, 17; Vit. C, 12; Vit. E, 5.1 IU; Vit A, 4286 I.U

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