EA800 External Filter (New Green Version)

Sale priceDhs. 500.00


PERIHA external filter/ wo Boxes (Inc Suction pump, extra foam filter if interest) EA series (electronic automatic start without UV lamp) self-priming tank shell external filtering barrel, completely self suction plug automatically without manual water, water pressure. The use of a variety of biochemical filtration, filtration, simple, easy to operate, clean and convenient. Starting method: After the plug is switched on, the filter is in a fully automatic working state, and no operation is needed. Boot 25-45 seconds after the automatic control device indicator lights off. If the first automatic start can not work normally, press the VACUUM POWER switch can restart the automatic device. Voltage: 110-120V/220-240V Frequency: 50HZ Power: 20W/24W Head: 1.5 meters Max flow: 800L/H Size: 21*21*32CM Weight: 5.5 kg.

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