Discus Trace 250ml

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Contains trace elements needed by South American fish and Discus species. The water used in aquariums is insufficient in terms of minerals compared to the water in the natural habitats of the fish. The creature, which cannot get the minerals it needs for skeletal development, reproduction and vital activities, weakens in many ways over time, its development slows down, its colors become dull and unhealthy. ReeFlowers Discus Trace contributes to the development of fish and their color to be more vivid by providing the trace elements needed. It helps to provide a natural habitat and accelerates reproductive activities. Can be used for all South American species.

Usage Instruction 

For an aquarium with an average load, it is recommended to add 3 ml per 100 liters of aquarium water weekly (1 lid = ~ 6 ml). Average amount of use has been calculated assuming regular water changes. Since the content of the water you use may vary, the gH value should be followed. In Discus aquariums it is recommended not to increase the general hardness above 8 dgH. 60 ml of solution provides 1 dgH increase in 100 liters.

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