DENNERLE - Nano Gravel Sunda White

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The Dennerle Nano Shrimp Gravel Sunda white 2kg is a light-coloured aquarium gravel that is used to set up a 10-litre freshwater aquarium.

The nano shrimp gravel is hardness-free and therefore water-neutral, which is why it does not change the water values. It is also lightfast and CO2 resistant. Thanks to the rounded grains, it is also suitable for dwarf armoured catfish such as small Corydoras, as their sensitive barbels are not injured. The gravel has a grain size of 0.7-1.2 mm and offers useful cleansing bacteria an optimal settlement area. Thanks to the excellent look, you can let your creativity run free and design your own little underwater adventure!

Our expert Chris Lukhaup recommends:
With the nano shrimp gravel, you bring out the colours of your animals optimally!

Grain Size : 0.8-1.2 mm
Brands (Manufacturers): Dennerle

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