REEFLOWERS - Cichid Trace 250 Ml

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It contains trace elements that African cichlid species need. The water used in aquariums is insufficient in terms of minerals compared to the waters in the natural habitats of the fish. Skeleton development, reproduction and vital activities that can not get the mineral needed for life in many ways weakens, slows the development, colors become dull and unhealthy.

ReeFlowers Cichlid Trace provides the trace elements needed to affect the development of fish and the more vivid color. It helps to provide natural habitat and accelerates reproduction activities.

Available for all African-origin cichlid species.


Add 6 ml per week to Tanganyika Lake Aquariums and 3 ml per week to Malawi & Victoria Lake Aquariums. Average usage amounts were calculated by predicting regular water changes. Since the content of the water you use may vary, the gH value should be monitored. It is recommended that the general hardness be kept between 15-20 dgH for Tanganyika lake aquariums and 10-15 dgH for Malawi & Victoria lake aquariums. 20 ml solution provides 1 dgH increase in 100 lt.

Dosage :

1 cap = 6 ml

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