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CHIHIROS Doctor is a series of ionization devices with sterilization properties resulting from many years of research and hundreds of experiments. It is a revolutionary product that inhibits the growth of algae in the reservoir, stimulates the development of aquatic plants, kills pathogens and provides protection to fish and shrimp.

The device emits a mist of small ionized bubbles that destroy algae spores
and pathogens without affecting the beneficial bacterial flora and microorganisms present in the filter. Reduced algae development allows plants to grow faster and healthier and absorb more nutrients, which in turn leads to a further reduction in algae growth by reducing the nutrients required for their development.

The environment of the aquarium with CHIHIROS Doctor is quickly becoming stable, and the shortcomings of the “amateur” aquarist are no longer noticeable and do not lead to disaster. Thanks to CHIHIROS Doctor, even new aquarists can easily create a beautiful aquarium.

An intelligent device management algorithm makes it easy to control the ionization intensity and the ionizer operation cycle.

The Chihiros Doctor Ionizers is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it for their aquariums. Buy now!

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 19, 2021