BOB SMITH INDUSTRIES - Bsi Insta Cure Ic-Gel Frag Glue 20g

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IC-GEL™ is one of the most popular reef-safe glues for hobbyists, providing instant bonding of coral frags to plugs or to established live rock in aquariums. 

IC-GEL™ is an extremely thick cyanoacrylate (CA) paste packaged in an applicator tube, like toothpaste, and will not drip nor run, even when applied to a vertical surface making it very convenient for some assembly applications. IC-GEL™ can be applied at any angle with just a squeeze of the tube, however, does have a tendency to continue to flow for about a second after pressure is released, which must be taken into account when applied.

IC-GEL™ is also an excellent putty for plastics, but also works well on wood, glass, metal, fiberglass, ceramic, and rubber.


  • Screw on top and cap unit to puncture seal on the tube.
  • Remove cap and apply IC-GEL to one surface, and then hold parts tightly together.
  • Allow to set for 10-25 seconds
  • Replace cap immediately after use
  • Storing in cool dry place

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