DENNERLE - Bacto Elixier Bio 50Ml

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DENNERLE BactoClean Bio 50ml - INT 50 ml  (Bacteria Tube)

At least 100,000,000 live bacteria per 1 ml.
1 tube of bacteria can be used in aquariums between 50-200 liters.
It eliminates the harmful effects of fish waste, food residues and rotten plant leaves.
It cleans toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite.
It offers clearer and healthier water conditions with maximum level of biological cleaning.
Bacteria are the main elements of the biological cycle in the aquarium. They eliminate bad water conditions that endanger the health of living things by breaking down many harmful wastes. Dennerle BactoClean Bio is a highly concentrated additive composed of the right bacteria. 1 tube contains a minimum of 5,000,000,000 active bacteria.
Usage areas:
- In newly established aquariums,
- In special species of shrimp aquariums where water quality is of high importance,
- During adding fish to the aquarium,
- After  water change and filter cleaning,
- After medication,
- In cases where ammonia and nitrite levels are high,
- it should be used in aquariums with a dense fish population and when an adverse situation occurs with water conditions.
Usage Information:
1 tube bacteria culture can be used in aquariums between 50 and 200 lt. 1 tube can be spread over several days for smaller aquariums, or more than 1 tube can be used for larger aquariums.

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