REEFFLOWERS - Bacteria Feeder 250ml

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ReeFlowers Bacteria Feeder contains a variety of nutrients that will ensure the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria that sustain their lives by consuming nitrate and phosphate. It enables these beneficial bacteria to reproduce rapidly in the aquarium environment, to perform the biological cleaning process and to create a natural living environment for living things. It is very effective in reducing the nitrate and phosphate levels in the water in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Usage Instruction

For an aquarium with an average load, it is recommended to use 2 ml per 100 liters every two days (20 drops = ~ 1 ml). It should not be used more than 5 ml for 100 liters a day, and more than 2 ml per day for 100 liters in long-term use. If your nitrate level is above 20 ppm, you can use twice the recommended amount.

Measure the nitrate and phosphate levels in the aquarium by testing once a week. Stop using it when your nitrate level drops below 2 ppm or your phosphate level falls below 0.02 ppm.

In case of overdose or in the case of necessary biological conditions, the bacterial population may suddenly increase more than desired and create a white turbidity in the water. This situation will not harm your living creatures.

If excessive bacterial growth is encountered;

The product should be cut until the turbidity disappears completely. The protein skimmer should not be turned off due to the increased need for oxygen, the setting should be turned down because there may be excessive collection. The turbidity will disappear within 48 hours on average. After the water returns to normal, you can continue to apply. If excessive bacterial growth recurs, reduce the dose in half.

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