OCEAN NUTRITION - Atison Betta Pro 15g

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tison's Betta PRO

  • Floating pellets which do not cloud the water. 
  • Natural attractants ensure prompt acceptance. 
  • Higher survival rate than using live food. 
  • Bettas will be more alert and responsive. 
  • Fins and scales will grow stronger and last longer. 
  • Enhances the natural color of the Betta. 
  • Ideal nutritional value. No colorants added.
  • Ideal for the growth and conditioning of the Betta.

This food is intended for use by Betta breeders -- both the serious hobbyist and the professional. It is safer, more reliable and cheaper than live food and is of course easier to store and handle.

We advise the use of Betta PRO in case you want to condition your Betta (before breeding or before participating to a show) or for sustained growth.

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