AQUATIC LIFE - DX18 T5HO Dimmable hybrid fixture 36"

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A Dimmable T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixture with Provisions for your Favorite LED Modules!

The ultimate way to incorporate both fluorescent and LED lighting over your aquarium in a stylish and compact package. Aquatic Life's DX18 Hybrid Light Fixture accepts four T5 lamps which, when paired with a 0-10V controller like an Apex, allows you to control the overall intensity of the lights through two individual channels. Between having control over your LED's color and intensity as well as the fluorescent bulbs, you can set the perfect PAR levels for your aquarium's inhabitants.

  • Compatible with ATI and Giesemann Bulbs
  • 0-10v Dimmable Control
  • LED Cord Concealment Built-In
  • Ideal Conditions for Corals
  • Single Power Cord for T5 Bulbs


Why Hybrid?

In our quest to create the perfect lighting conditions for fish and more importantly coral, we have found the mixture of tried and true T5 fluorescent lighting combined with LED creates an easy to use and balanced lighting system. Using either lighting option on its own can be just fine, but both have downfalls that make them visually unsatisfying or lacking in a balanced spectrum. Combining both LED and T5 lighting together can overcome the downfalls, producing great shimmer while having a full spectrum and even coverage of light available for your corals to grow and color up. 


LED Mounting

Included with Aquatic Life's DX18 Hybrid Light Fixtures are rectangular LED module brackets. Each LED module will normally use two brackets and can be secured in the rails built into the fixture's body. The rectangular rails are compatible with many of the major LED brands available like Ecotech Marine Radion XR15 and XR30 models, Aqua Illumination TwentySix, FiftyTwo, and Prime LEDs, Kessil AP700 and many more. If you have circular LEDs like the Kessil A160 or A360x, round LED brackets can be purchased separately.  


T5 Dimming

Without a controller, all four lights will always be at 100% intensity when plugged into an outlet, and having four T5HO lamps on at full blast can be a lot of light, especially for some lower light corals. Controlling the intensity of your fluorescent lights you can slowly ramp up and down the intensity throughout the day. Dimming can be controlled through the 0-10V cable and a controller system and when connected you will get dual-channel control. Each channel includes one light from the front of the fixture and one in the back of the fixture. Connecting the DX18 to a controller is super simple with the included female 3.5mm dual channel plug, no longer will you need to connect a wire directly to the ballast, adding a 3.5mm male to RJ45 cable (sold separately) lets the Aquatic Life DX18 interface to an Apex System or other controllers that have a 0-10V output. 



Dimensions - 37.4" x 18" x 1.88"

LED Mounting Bracket Length - 7"

Power Consumption -  156 watts

Power Cord Length - 112" Total

Ballast Style - HEP Dimmable

Ballast Dimming Levels - 2% - 100%

Channels - 2 (requires controller)

0-10V Cord Type - 3.5mm Dual Channel Stereo Jack

0-10V Cord Length - 36"

Mounting Bracket Length - 7"


What's Included?

1x Four Lamp 39 Watt Hybrid T5 HO Dimmable Light Fixture

1x 0-10v 3.5mm Female Stereo Jack (Dual Channel)

1x Cord Management Strip

4x Rectangular Brackets

10x Bracket Screws

1x Wire Hanging Kit


Note - Bulbs required for use and not included. We suggest using ATI Aquablue Special or ATI Blue Plus lamps. LED modules are not included. 0-10V interface cable and controller must be purchased separately.


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