AQUARIUM SYSYTEMS - A La Carte Max Herbivore 30G

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Food granules for large herbivorous fish freshwater and marine size medium large


It lets you play your eating habits in nature.
Also suitable for: Acanthurus leucosternon, Cetoscarus bicolor, Pygopolites diacanthus, Acnthurus lineatus, Moorish Idol, Chaetodon semilarvatus
A la Carte Herbivore Diet is based on easily digestible plant ingredients, including spirulina algae with all the benefits it brings to the health of fish. It contains all the nutrients needed to herbivores.
It contains a mixture multivitamin with a high content of vitamin C stable, which keeps the fish healthy and strengthens their natural resistance to disease. Not only spirulina provides antioxidants to health, but also helps the fish to develop intense colors.
The high digestibility of this food ensures good water quality. A portion of the granules falls at variable speed, while another part floats for a while. In this way, the fish have access to the food at any depth.
Food suitable for all species of herbivorous and omnivorous fish d 'freshwater and saltwater
Analytical constituents: crude protein 37% fats 6% crude fiber 1.8% moisture 8.8%

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