REEFLOWERS - AquaPlants Nitrate - I 250ml

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ReeFlowers AquaPlants Nitrate is a high density nitrate solution. It has been specially formulated for aquarium plants. It contains at least 65.000 ppm nitrate in 1 lt.

Nitrate is one of the most important elements needed for plant growth. It turns into amino acid in the plant and affects the division and multiplication of cells, thus growth and sprouting of new leaves. It increases the concentration of chlorophyll and makes the plants dark and vibrant green in color. Its deficiency primarily causes yellowing of old leaves. Failure to meet the need causes yellowing of all leaves and stems over time, and even the complete loss of the living thing.


For a freshwater aquarium with an average plant load, it is recommended to use 1 ml per 100 lt per day. 1 ml of solution provides an increase of 0.65 ppm in 100 liters.

20 drops in 85 ml
packs = 1 ml in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packs 1 cap = 6 ml

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