REEFLOWERS - AquaPlants Liquid Carbon 500ml

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 ReeFlowers AquaPlants Liquid Carbon contains a high density liquid carbon source. It has been specially formulated for aquarium plants.

Carbon is used during photosynthesis and is one of the most important elements needed for plant growth. In case of deficiency, growth and sprouting stops.

 ReeFlowers AquaPlants Liquid Carbon can be used as an alternative to CO2 or as a support. It accelerates the development and reproduction of microorganisms living in sand and water and reduces algae growth. It also converts the iron in the form of Fe3 + in water into Fe2 + form, which can be used more easily by plants.


For a freshwater aquarium with an average plant load, it is recommended to use 1 ml per 100 liters per day. If the density of fish is high in the aquarium, the daily dose can be doubled. Overdose should not be done.

In case of overdose, as a result of rapid growth of aerobic microorganisms, turbidity may occur in the water and the oxygen level may decrease. In such a case, in order to provide the oxygen needed by living things, the water should be aerated with an air motor and dosing should be stopped until the turbidity disappears.

20 drops in 85 ml
packs = 1 ml in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packs 1 cap = 6 ml

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