2HR AQUARIST - Apt Zero 300ml

Sale priceDhs. 105.00


APT Zero contains the full potency of APT Complete, but without nitrates and phosphates.

  • Specially formulated for the less demanding Non CO2 tank, with slow growing plants only (Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Bucephalandra, Microsorum etc.)
  • 3X savings - Great Value! Concentrated so lasts 3x as long.
  • Dosage: Dose 5ml per 100L four times a week or 3ml per 100L daily.
  • Shrimp Friendly
  • Even for the simplest tank, good plant health helps prevent algae and keep fish happy.

    APT ensures your plants get 100% of what they need.
    Healthy plants, happy fish, algae-free.

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