2HR AQUARIST - Apt Estimative Index 300ml

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2hr Aquarist APT CompletePure power. Use it wisely.

Recommend for fast growth, Dutch tanks and high energy tanks.

For the more experienced Planted Tank Aquarists.

Designed to exceed the maximum estimate of plant-growth requirements, the famous nutrient dosing approach pioneered by Tom Barr is now available in a ready-to-use concentrate that removes the guesswork from trying to recreate this powerful and sometimes elusive formula.

The default dose saturates the water heavily with NPK, Mg, Fe, and Traces, removing nutrient deficiencies from the equation and allows the aquarist to then focus on tuning light, CO2 and other variables.

The classic Estimative Index Formula contains a boldly concentrated and superior combination of all essential macro, micro and trace elements for aggressive and accelerated growth.

  • Specially formulated for demanding planted species and fast growth
  • 3X savings - Great Value! Concentrated so lasts 3x as long.
  • Dosage: Dose 5ml per 100L four times a week or 3ml per 100L daily.
  • Shrimp Friendly

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